It's not just about looks with Salon Murcel.

Our salon services allow you to define your personal taste and style. We endow our clients with a make over that bring out their natural beauty.

We listen closely to specific demands of our clients. Then we translate them into the language of cosmetics, skin care and restorative pampering. Discover yourself with us. Know your latent beauty. Send us a Message

Salon Murcel invites you to create your own style with us. Experience professional artistry at Salon Murcel, a single destination in San Ramon, CA that promises to bring out your inner personality and let you explore yourself in a new way. For salon Murcel, make over is a fine art that allow the clients to define their personal taste and style.

Salon Murcel proffers you assistance of professional artist, hair stylist, best colorist and beauty consultants with each single cut.

Years of experience along with professional training at Salon Murcel ensures that you are in safe hands with each occasion and especially on your most awaited day of life. Our special bridal hair and makeup artists at Salon Murcel in San Ramon CA promises to deliver natural, elegant and effortless look on your wedding day and to rest a sure that you would look timeless in your wedding photos.

Our expert staff will bring an ultimate luxurious hair care experience with unique couture haircuts, Keratin Treatment, hair extension, Up-Do’s, hair removal, Skincare and much more.

The reason behind touching the tipping point is that we listen to the specific demands of clients that are further translated into a cosmetic language, skin care and also restoring the pampering.

Since opening, Salon Murcel has established a reputation as the most progressive salon in San Ramon, CA.

To know more about beauty and to discover beauty in you, visit us in person, by phone 925-552-5103 or at www.salonmurcel.com. Your feedbacks are greatly appreciated.
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