Keratin Blowout

woman with beautiful and shiny hairLike looks, hair can also be the extension of your identity. It shows the real person in you when the actual length, color, and cut come together. Now you can make it stronger, stylish, and appealing with the most talked about hair treatment procedure that is Keratin Treatment which needs no introduction. And now, Salon Murcel based in San Ramon, CA brings you that treatment by adding it in its exclusive range of hair spa treatment procedures that turn your fizzy unruly hair into healthy and shiny looking hair. Keratin treatment is a treatment procedure that has multiple names. After having this procedure, you surely will love your hair again.

Keratin is generally a protein that nourishes your hair naturally. The stylists at Salon Murcel apply Keratin Treatment product to the hair and then apply a temperature control iron to seal it in. The range of Keratin complex products that Salon Murcel applies to their clients includes Keratin complex smoothing therapy by Coppola or Keratin blowout. We also offer Brazilian blowout.

The procedure brings astounding results and clients feel a life changing experience. Hair becomes more manageable, easier to style than before and also smoother on almost all types of hair that may include color treated and also chemically processed hair.

Salon Murcel believes the more you treat your hair, the healthier and shinier they will become. The build-up of keratin by our experts makes your hair:

  • Smoother and silkier
  • Straighter and shinier
  • Fast and also easy to dry
  • Maintenance free

So, Salon Murcel invites its entire clientele. Add beauty, glow, and shine to your hair with new product ranges and hair treatment procedures that will make you look and feel your best!

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